BSU Homecoming Parade Entry Form 2021-22

The theme for the 2021 BSU Homecoming is The Great Beaver Get-Together, and we are so excited to get back together with all of you! This year's parade will begin at the Bangsberg parking lot and follow Birchmont Drive down to 19th Street, ending in the PE Parking Lot.
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Please review the below carefully. 

Hold Harmless:

As a representative of my organization, I understand that participation in the parade is voluntary. I understand that as a participant in event sponsored by, or associated with Bemidji State University, whether athletic or social in nature, is subject to risk of injury. My organization agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Bemidji State University and its partners, agents, employees, owners from and against any claim, demand, suit, judgment, cost of fees, which arise out of or are in any way connected with Bemidji State University Homecoming Parade, regardless of whether such claims are the results of the negligence or for any other cause.

 Permission for Emergency Care:

I authorize the on-site staff and volunteers to provide appropriate medical assistance or if an emergency transport is deemed necessary, I authorize the same to summon an ambulance to transport the participant to the hospital or nearest facility. I also understand that if an ambulance transports or emergency treatment is deemed necessary, I may not be notified until after the transport has been initiated. I request and authorize physicians, athletic trainers, technicians, first aid personnel, nurses to perform any diagnostic procedures, treatment procedures, operative procedures, and x-rays of the above. I have been given no guarantee as to the results of examination or treatment. Our insurance carrier and I accept any and all responsibility for all costs associated with the medical care of the above participant.

I have read and understand the above: Please initial below
Upon submission you will receive a confirmation email. Once your entry has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an additional email and more detailed information about line-up and location from our parade committee. 

Go Beavers!